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Wednesday June 01, 2016

Aeroseal Duct Sealing was recently named as the 2016 Product of the Year at the 2016 Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Expo (AHR).

The AHR said the following:

Aeroseal has won many awards over the last few years, but this is the big one. Not only because it was selected by a panel of some of the HVAC industry’s finest members, but because it was given in recognition of aeroseal’s game-changing effect on the commercial building industry.

From the Expo’s own news release…

“We are pleased to honor Aeroseal with this award, recognizing that it offers a groundbreaking solution to an industry-wide problem,” said Clay Stevens, president of IEC. “For decades, ventilation issues have gone untreated, simply because there was no viable solution to sealing otherwise hard-to-access leaks. Aeroseal’s technology has taken this complex issue and made it into a relatively simple task.

The official release goes on to say….

With this new technology, Aeroseal has provided the industry’s first alternative to traditional manual duct sealing products. The aerosol-based solution works from the inside of ventilation shafts to “seek” and bond-seal targeted leaks, rather than coating the entire inside of the shaft with sealant.

The technology, developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, EPA and others, works from inside the shaft to find and seal leaks. Aeroseal’s solution, which eliminates the need to disrupt or destroy current construction, provides much-anticipated relief to HVAC contractors, for whom accessing exhaust shafts in existing buildings was previously difficult, if not impossible, without major demolition. This duct sealing technology has been employed to fix critical ventilation issues in numerous buildings and facilities, including hospitals and multi-story apartment buildings.

Few things are more gratifying than receiving peer recognition like this. It certainly helps to lend credibility to something we continue to experience out in the field – aeroseal technology is now solving the unsolvable. It’s literally changing the way engineers, architects, commissioning agents and others are looking at energy saving strategies, indoor air quality and other HVAC-related issues.

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