Our state of the art fabrication facilities enable us to meet the most stringent of requirements whether they are schedule related, quality driven, or cost sensitive. We perform custom ductwork fabrication ranging from light gauge air distribution systems to heavy gauge industrial ventilation systems. Customers are confident in our abilities to comply with the most rigorous of specifications with ease and efficiency. Our means as well as methods are the catalyst behind providing our customers with what they want, how they want it, and most important when they want it.

We considered our field execution of work to be a competitive advantage. Installation of air-side primary and secondary equipment as well as ductwork / air distribution systems is a strength for our company. The workmanship and customer conscientiousness is obvious when working with our field crews. Field foreman are the generals on the front line during the construction phase of projects and there are none better in the industry then Dee Cramer's. The pursuit of our Mission and Vision has provided our Field Foreman with Laptops for ease of information transfer resulting in efficient and effective decision making as well as problem solving. Foreman's use of Laptop's coupled with our BIM/CAD capabilities result in issues that took days to resolve now take minutes.

Project Management at Dee Cramer is much more than producing schedules, procuring materials, and submitting billings. Our project managers are true leaders and direct every aspect of their projects, ensuring collaboration between all project team members. The processes and procedures we implement provide the platform for a successful and profitable execution of work. Through focused Project Pre-Planning, Advanced Productivity Control, Accurate Financial Forecasting, and Efficient Information Transfer; we are able to consistently meet our customers and investors expectations. The experience, training and professionalism of our project management staff is what distinguishes Dee Cramer as a preferred contractor.

Dee Cramer has established itself as an industry leader in technological advancement; specifically in our BIM/CAD Department, which is second to none. Utilizing 3D Software since the early 1990's, the transition to the Building Information Modeling era has been an easy one. Dee Cramer is consistently targeted as a leader for 3D MEP Coordination efforts providing General Contractors, Construction Managers and Owners across the state of Michigan with highly coordinated construction projects. Dee Cramer facilitates the development of 3D virtual models, identifies potential setbacks, and offers effective solutions prior to construction. The result from these efforts is a smoothly executed project from inception to completion.

We also specialize in:

  • Design / Build Projects
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Industrial Ventilation / Exhaust Systems


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