Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a new and innovative approach to delivering construction projects that focuses on early collaboration of all parties involved, utilizes specific talents of team members to improve cost effectiveness and minimize waste and ultimately focuses on achieving specific owner objectives. The end result is a higher quality project delivered quicker within established budgets.   

Often times, in the traditional project delivery process of design-bid-build, owners bear the burden of paying for the inefficient construction processes that surround that delivery model.

Key components to IPD success are; early involvement of key participants, use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), use of Lean tools and concepts and a decisive and committed Owner.

Dee Cramer is a recognized leader in IPD participation. They are currently working on their third IPD Project at Lansing Community College. The other two are the Hurley Hospital ED Addition and Michigan State University Shaw Hall Dining Room Renovation.

For more information please read this whitepaper which was published by KLMK Group – “Integrated Project Delivery Approach – The Value Approach – An Owner’s Guide for Launching a Healthcare Capital Project via IPD.” Matt Cramer served on the “Thought Leaders Group” that contributed to the project.

Check out this story about our Client's IPD experience in the following video:

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Success Story from Granger Construction on Vimeo.


To hear from an Owner on their IPD experience watch the following video:


Listen to Dee Cramer President, Matt Cramer, as he shares the benefits of IPD :

 Episode 8 Podcast: Integrated Project Delivery from Let's Talk Shop Podcast on SoundCloud.


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