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GM Tech Center

Accident Fund

Rowe Building

Project consisted of a 4 Story restoration as part of a downtown redevelopment plan of Flint, MI. The building HVAC system consisted of 4 Rooftop Units couple with Variable Air Volume Boxes and a full DDC Controls system serving three floors of open office space. The fourth floor consisted of several residential split systems serving upscale apartments. The building was also equipped with an atrium smoke relief system. Dee Cramer was contracted to execute all of the HVAC work and assisted with the HVAC Design.

Dow Business Professional Service Center (BPSC)

This cost plus GMP job was an extremely fast track new four story office building project Dee Cramer got involved on with 50% design review drawings and nothing more than initial equipment selection and un-sized duct routing from the engineer of record. From that point, we modeled and sized out the final duct design and participated in MEP Coordination. The primary HVAC system utilized a Variable Air Volume system with (4) 40,000 cfm Roof Mounted Air Handlers. In addition to the air handlers, (2) packaged energy recovery units were installed to minimize the energy losses from the exhaust system. Due to the long lead time for the large AHU roof curbs, we were able to fabricate and deliver the curbs in a timely manner and still maintain consistent duct deliveries. The use of prefabricated 20 foot sections of ductwork proved invaluable as it was transported directly from the shop and installed the same day thereby eliminating the need for large lay down areas and aiding in a clean safe work environment. Dee Cramer performed the Sheet Metal trade scope for this project.




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